A circular walk from Wiswell to Sabden over Spence Moor
distance 9.57 miles : time 4 - 5 hours

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A circular walk from Wiswell to Sabden over Spence Moor
From the main street in Wiswell walk down Moor Side Lane (Footpath Sign to Wiswell Moor). The path starts to the right of a barred gate at the end of the road, goes through a wood and then turns left on to the moor. The path follows a fence and leads to the left of the radio mast. A gravel track leads down to a concessionary path which avoids Wiswell Moor Houses. Turning left along the farm track; the path is almost straight to the Nick of Pendle. (60 min)
Across the road walk downhill for about 100yds, the path is well signposted; this leads to a farm track which ends at a small iron gate.
(a) The right-hand path leads to a walk round the reservoir. The path goes to the left of the house, through a gate, and left diagonally across the field to the far left bottom corner. Here a right turn leads to the farm track to Sabden.
(b) The left-hand path leading to Spence Moor is easy to follow. After a steady climb, the path follows the edge of the wood. At the end of the wood the path goes steeply up hill, bears slightly left and follows the top of the escarpment to a stone wall.
At a concessionary footpath sign turn sharp right and follows the stone wall. The path continues uphill and spectacular views of Longridge Fell and the Forest of Bowland appear to the north-west. A ladder-stile leads over the wall and a gentle climb leads to the top of Spence Moor. The path curves to the right and starts the descent to the wood at Sabden Fold. After passing through some marshy ground the path leads to a gate, keeps to the left of the ravine and leads to the top of the wood. Keep to the left of the wood and descend into Sabden Fold.
Just before the farm take the path to the right (concessionary route). The path goes over the stream and then over two stiles. The path follows the wall almost in a straight line. On approaching the wood bear left downhill to meet the farm track. Go through the farm yard and take the footpath just to the left of the windmill. A straight path leads to Dean. Keep to the left of the barn, go over stone stile, and turn right through the yard. The farm track lead direct to Sabden.
The path back to Wiswell starts from the Clitheroe road about 200 yd on the left after the cross roads. The path is fairly straightforward. Aiming for the radio mast will lead to Wiswell Moor Houses. (80 min)
White Hart Inn, Sabden
White Hart Sabden
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Wiswell is the chosen starting point for the walk but Sabden or the Nick of Pendle offer possible alternatives. The Freemasons Arms in Wiswell or the Pendle Witch and the White Hart in Sabden are suitable objectives.
The initial part of the walk from Wiswell to Spence Moor through the Nick of Pendle is a fairly steady uphill climb offering scenic views. Initially a special view of Longridge Fell can be seen to the north and then the Lancashire conurbations to the south. From Spence Moor a view of Pendle over Ogden Clough is seen to the north. A descent down the fellside starts after the top of Spence Moor via Sabden Fold to the valley bottom. The walk continues on to Sabden.
The return leg from Sabden to Wiswell is a pleasant and easy stroll firstly through green fields and then returning over Wiswell Moor.