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Waddington - Moorcock Inn

5.5 miles - 2 hr 30 min

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Three lovely pubs can be found in Waddington: The Waddington Arms ;:The Lower Buck Inn and The Higher Buck Inn
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Waddington Arms Waddington Arms Opening times:
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map walk Waddington Moorcock Inn
The walk up to the Moorcock Inn (now demolished) is a pleasant uphill stroll mainly following the wooded Waddington Brook. After Mill Farm open moorland is the man feature. The walk back is mainly over pasture land with the wooded glade of Whinney Lane a pleasant contrast. Longridge Fell and Pendle are the main features to the south.
Moorcock Inn
The Moorcock Inn has been demolished and is now just a memory.
Lower Buck Inn
Lower Buck Inn

Opening times:
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The walk starts at the stone stile by the side of Waddington Hospital, a short way out of the village on the West Bradford Road. Walk straight ahead to meet Hospital Wood which follows the ravine of Waddington Brook. Just before Feazer Farm go over the stone stile, turn sharp right towards the farm and then sharp left over the farm gate. (15 min)
Walk uphill to the wooden stile next to Faezer Wood and continue along the edge of the wood to the footbridge just before the Mill Farm complex. (10 min)
Turn right at the road; the FP starts again on the left on leaving the complex. Again follow the edge of the wood and ravine over a series of stiles and through gates to the large farm gate on the left. Ford the beck and walk uphill to the Moorcock Inn. (25 min)
(To shorten the walk on reaching the Mill Farm complex turn left at the road and proceed to the main road. The FP starts again over the main road and continues over a series of fields and stiles to Daisy Hill. Keep to the left of the house. Turn right along the track for a few yards and then left over the stile. Follow the fence on the right to the track leading to Buckstall. (25 min)
From the Moorcock Inn walk down the main road for about 400 yd to the bridleway on the right. The farm road leads to Summit House; just before the house a FP sign is seen on the left leading down an old grassy track. (20 min)
Carry on past Buckstall to the wood. Follow the edge of the wood on the right to the corner where it meets the farm road. Turn right for a few yards and then left into Whinney Lane. The path continues through the wooded glade and emerges at the road. (25 min)
Turn left for 150 yd along the road. The FP starts on the right across a FB just after Peter Barn. Go straight across the field to the left hand corner . Turn left along the farm track for 20 yd; the FP starts at the stile on the right. Walk across the field to the FB over the beck; carry straight on keeping to the right of the hedge which leads on to Hollins Clough. Bear right at the wood for 100 yd to the stile. The cement works are now seen straight ahead. Go over the small stile and follow the hedge on the left. Carry on to meet the high stone wall. Bear right along the wall over the stone stile. The path emerges in Waddington conveniently close to the Lower Buck Inn. (40 min)
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