Ingleborough together with Whernside, and Pen-y-Ghent are collectively know as the Three Peaks.
After Whernside, Ingleborough is the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales.
In this walk the climb to the summit of Ingleborough gets the hardest part of the walk over first.
The second part, the descent into Clapham by way of Gaping Gill is by comparison just a stroll.
The third part along the road back to Ingleton can be quite tiring after the climb. This stretch can be saved by taking the bus !

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A circular walk from Ingleton over Ingleborough to Clapham
Distance 11.00 miles; time about 6 hr

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The walk starts along the stony track over Storrs Common. After a gate the path continues along the beautifully walled Fell Lane to the farm at Crina Bottom. (40 min)

The path continues over limestone pavement to Red Gait Head to meet with the gravelled path at Quaking Pot. Looking ahead the summit becomes evermore daunting the closer it appears. From here the route gets a little more arduous. The path becomes steeper and rocky before the summit is reached. (80 min)

On the top the trig point, cairn, and stone shelter are the first things to notice. But from the bleak plateau panoramic view appear. On a clear day the Bowland Fells are to the south, Penn-y-Ghent almost due east, Whernside due north, and views to Morecambe Bay to the west.
The descent starts at the southern end of the plateau with a long distance view to Gaping Gill. The path is fairly steep to begin with but becomes much easier along the paving. At Gaping Gill the path is grassy and almost on the level. (60 min)

From here on the going is much easier. The path drops down at Clapham Bottoms to the limestone escarpment at Trow Gill. A gradual descent bearing slightly to the right brings the walker to the gate/stile leading into the Ingleborough Estate. The path continues along Long Lane past the Ingleborough Cave and into the Estate proper. The path from now on is a toll path; a toll of £1 is payable at the exit in Clapham. (60 min)

To return to Ingleton along the road turn right into Eggshell Lane immediately on leaving the Estate. This leads to the Old Road. Distance 3.26 mile (90 min).
Alternatively carry on straight down the village road to take some refreshment at the New Inn. And then take the bus back to Ingleton; the bus stop is opposite the village shop. (10 min)
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