A circular walk from Barley around Four Reservoirs
distance 6.10 miles : 3 hours 30 min

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A circular walk from Barley around four Reservoirs
From the car park walk down to the end of the village street past the Pendle Inn and Barley Mow; as the road bears left a road sign on the right indicates 'Blacko footpath only'. This path also leads to Aiken Wood seen on the right and the very popular sculpture trail! At the end of the reservoir turn right following the sign to Black Moss. After skirting the second reservoir the path reaches the road at Lower Black Moss. Turn left up the road for half a mile. (40 min)
The FP starts again at the double gate on the left and continues due south along a grassy path down towards the Lower reservoir. The FP follows the stone wall on the left hand side. At the side of Salt Pie cross the stone stile on the right and head for a small wooden gate at the top right hand corner of the field. Walk to the left of Higher Laithe Barn and follow the tarmac road to Windy Harbour Farm and so on to the road. (20 min)
On crossing the road follow the right hand of the two footpath signs. Aim just to the right of the copse seen on the ridge. The path leads uphill to a stone stile set in the stone wall. Carry on uphill to meet the farm road leading to Pendle Side. Take the second track on the left following the painted sign to Pendle.
On reaching Pendle House the path continues through the gate on the right, along the back of the house, and then follows the contour along the fell side. Shortly before Under Pendle go over the stile at the double gate; the houses are overlooked from the path. The path now crosses a brook and continues to follow the contour; Buttock is seen from high. After crossing a stile the path enters a narrow cleft and become quite rocky; shortly after the path descends and circles the top end of the reservoir. The descent continues into Ogden Clough. At the bottom turn left through the gate. (90 min)
A well trodden path starts the return to Barley. At the end of Upper Ogden Reservoir there is a fairly steep descent; the path now joins the rough road which skirts the Lower Reservoir and leads directly to the Water Treatment Plant. The car park at Barley is seen across the road. (45 min)
Pendle Inn in Barley
Pendle Inn

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The four reservoirs viewed on this walk supply water to local towns. The Upper and Lower Ogden Reservoirs are supplied by water from Ogden Clough; the Upper and Lower Black Moss Reservoirs by Black Moss Beck. It is not surprising that reservoirs are found at the foot of Pendle. A local saying: "if you can not see Pendle it's raining; if you can see Pendle expect rain'.
The first leg of the walk from Barley to Black Moss Farm is a pleasant stroll between the two reservoirs on the left and Aiken Wood on the right. After a walk uphill along the road, the next stretch generally follows the contour in the shadow of Pendle passing through a series sheep pasture and farms. On reaching Ogden Clough the final leg back to Barley passes close to the two Ogden reservoirs. The walk offers a continuous change in scenery: fellside, water, wood and pasture land. The Pendle Inn or the Barley Mow are popular final resting places.
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Barley Mow : Barley
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