A circular walk from Downham - Pendleton - Worston
distance 10.11 miles : time 5 hours

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The walk to Mearley Hall is straightforward. (15 min)
Carry on through the complex and look for the start of the FP 30 yds on the left after the cattle grid. Walk uphill following the wire fence and stream to the barn. Keep to the left of the barn and go over the ladder stile; the path continues to Howcroft Barn. Just before the barn the path leads to a footbridge over Howcroft Brook. After the barn follow the stone wall on the right until it start to bend; now head due south along the narrow path. The path emerges (with luck) at the ski slope. Walk uphill along the road to the Nick of Pendle. The FP to Pendleton start on the right just before the summit. (45 min)
Walk down hill and look for the small white gate on the right along the rough rack. The path goes to the right of Wymondhouses and emerges at a white gate. Go straight ahead through the squeezer stile in the stone wall and follow the line of the old hedge to its end. Turn right along the top of the field. Carry on over the stile, turn sharp left and follow the hedge down hill to the footbridge over the beck. Follow the beck to Pendleton and the Swan with Two Necks. (35 min)
From the pub walk back along the main street to the T-juction at Pendleton Hall. Carry straight on along the farm road to Mearley Hall, Lane Side, and Little Mearley Hall. After passing the entrance to the latter, carry on for 80 yds and go through the gate on the left at the cattle grid. Follow the wire fence on the right to the top right-hand corner of the field. There is no stile here giving access to the old metal gate on the other side. Walk down the field to the stile and then on to Worston. At the main road turn left for The Calf's Head. (1hr 15 min)
Walk back along the road from the pub; the FP start on the left at Worston Beck. The path is well waymarked across sheep pasture and generally follows the course of Worston Beck. At Worsaw End House turn left to the stile and follow the stone wall. After the stile head across the field to the squeezer stile just before Longlands Wood and then on to Downham. (40 min)
A circular walk from Downham to Pendleton & Worston
The walk starts at the car park in Downham. Follow Downham Beck out of the village. In the field waymarkers then point the way to Clay House following the stream. At Clay House go over the stone stile and take the farm track to the right. At the main road turn right and find the farm track on the left after 30 yds. Keep to the left of the first house and go over the first stone stile. After the next stile carry on in a straight line (bearing 240º) across the field to the double gate leading to Hookcliffe. Just before the farm at the gate turn sharp left. Walk uphill across the field to meet the stile and FP sign and grassy track to Barkerfield.
50 yds before Barkerfield look for double metal gate on the left and take the grassy path which leads to the left of the house and continue to Moorside. Enter the farm over a stone stile; the track to Angram Green continues after the farm yard. At the end of the track the FP sign is found on the left. The path leads to the left of Angram Green and continues along the wire fence. At the wooden gate turn sharp right and then sharp left after 20 yds at the next gate. Follow the hedge on the left and at the gate and water trough continue over the field to the top left-hand corner. Go through the metal gate and follow the stone wall on the right into the farm complex. A series of double gates is encountered before the track to Little Mearley Hall is reached. Turn right and then left for the track to Mearley Hall. (1 hr 15 min)
Swan with Two Necks : Pendleton
Swan with two necks

Closed Tuesdays;
see website for opening hours and meal times.
Assheton Arms: Downham

No opening times on their website.
Best check these times with the pub if visiting.
Calf's Head : Worston
Open all day;
see website for more details.
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This walk takes in three beautiful villages which lie in the north-west shadow of Pendle: Downham, Pendleton, and Worston. As luck would have it each village has a lovely pub: The Assheton Alms, The Swan with Two Necks, and The Calf's Head respectively.
As described the walk starting in Downham is quite long (9-10 miles) and takes about 5 hours. However shorter routes can be taken: Downham - Little Measley Hall - Worston or Pendleton - Mearley Hall - Nick of Pendle. There are plenty of car parks available so other starting points are available.
Whatever route is chosen the going is fairly easy; only the path to the Nick of Pendle requires some uphill work.
From Downham to Pendleton the view to the north is mainly over Clitheroe towards Longridge Fell, and Parlick and Wolf's Fell. Whilst to the left Pendle looms high. The immediate landscape is typical sheep country.
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